10 Intelligent Tips to Save Money On Your Hotel Booking

July 17, 2019 By Admin

Booking hotels is one of the hardest parts while planning holidays. With so many beautiful hotels to choose from, loads of amenities they offer, number of websites to book them and so many customer reviews, it becomes very confusing to pick a hotel that not only suits your budget but your requirements too. However, there are lots of ways to slash down the prices of accommodation or make the most out of your stay. Follow these simple tips and trips to save money on hotels and spend more on fun adventures.

1 Plan Ahead

The best time to hunt for great bargains is by planning ahead of the time. If you have the flexibility of planning in advance, then take advantage of it. Some hotels allow you to book up to one year in advance, which is the best way to score some great deals and discount on hotels. Even if you book six months before your departure, you will have more money in hand when you reach your destination.

2 Avoid Extras

Getting a hotel that includes daily breakfast in their booking is simply perfect to save extra pennies on holidays. You may choose to go to a local café for breakfast, but if your hotel is including breakfast in your booking for a little extra money, then it is worth it. However, avoid including extra amenities like swimming pool, spa, gym, etc., if you are not really going to use them.

3 Look for “Kids stay free”

There are very fewer hotels that charge for the kids sharing room with their parents. Search for hotels that allow the kids to stay for free and don’t charge anything. Some hotels also allow kids to eat for free as a way to make adults eat on the hotel premises. So make sure you opt for hotels like Apex Hotels that let your kids stay and eat for free, which will significantly mount up your savings.

4 Choose ‘Off’ Days

One of the best ways to grab a low price on hotels is to book during the off-season or outside peak days. Avoid days like Friday and Saturday, bank holidays, school holidays and festivals like Christmas and Easter, as these days tend to show more prices than normal. However, many of us are restricted to travel only on weekends. So, if you are one of them, then try looking out for deals or consider booking in advance.

5 Combine Your Flights & Hotels

Many websites like Expedia offers an opportunity to holidaymakers to save money by combining their flights and hotels. This is their marketing strategy to influence users to book everything from their site. However, we are at the advantage here, so don’t miss to grab savings here.

6 Don’t Hesitate to Ask for an Upgrade

If you are traveling on off-season days and there aren’t many people in the hotel, this is your time to ask for the upgrade. You never know you may get a perk or two if you are in good luck. Consider the upgrades like a bigger room, more amenities, better view, complimentary meals or special discounts. So, don’t be scared to ask for upgrades and enjoy a little extra perk on your stay.

7 Use Your Credit Card Rewards

If you use credit cards a lot, check if your credit card offers a rewards program that gives discounts on hotel stays. This may give you benefits like free nights, hotel perks and room upgrades. If you are part of a company or organization that offers discount vouchers for hotels, make sure you take advantage of those savings.

8 Use Price Comparison Sites

There are sites that allow you to compare the prices of the same hotel, same room from different hotel booking providers. The number of amenities offered may vary, but you are likely to get the lowest deal while comparing prices from multiple sites. Momondo is a good place to start your hotel comparison for the best price.

9 Use Last-Minute Booking Website

Hotels would rather provide rooms at a bargain price than keeping them empty. So, if you are making a hotel reservation at the last-minute, then visit sites like Last Minute to score massive savings on hotels. They let you grab great deals on thousands of hotels worldwide through their last-minute offers.

10 Other than Hotels

Hotels are not the only accommodation option for the holidays. Consider renting an apartment from Travelodge or booking a hostel room from Clink Hostels. These hotel alternatives offer great savings on your vacation, especially if you are traveling with friends.


Thus, holidays are never cheaper, but if you look closely and act wisely, you can hunt for huge bargains and offers not only on hotels but on flights and car rentals too. Follow these few smart tricks and let us know which work for you and which don’t.

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