6 reasons Thanksgiving is the most loved holiday

November 22, 2018 By Admin

Thanksgiving is around the corner and people are going crazy shopping in bulk making most of the discounts and sales on the leading brands. It is that time of the year when people eat their heart out and make merry, but if you are one of those who isn’t enthusiastic about Thanksgiving then here are few reasons that will make you fall in love with it.



  • Time to express gratitude for all your blessings: The perfect way to live life is to consider everything as a blessing or a blessing in disguise. It is that time of the year when you can sit back make your very own gratitude list. It will fill your heart with joy and make you feel blessed to achieve so much in the last year.
  • Time to give back to the needy: If you are benevolent and love to serve the society then the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving is by serving the needy. If a grand dinner is not on your mind then the best way to celebrate the holiday is by doing community service, donating food and clothes at shelter houses and making the holiday blessing for the underprivileged ones.
  • Time to revive contact with long-distant relatives: In the humdrum of city life, it becomes difficult to stay in touch with relatives and friends. It is a perfect time to revive contact with them by calling them or sending best wishes in the form of cards or gifts. Arranging a family dinner or party is also a nice way of meeting everyone, reviving old bonds and creating new memories.
  • Commencement of festive season: Thanksgiving makes one excited as it marks the onset of the festive season. A whole year people wait for festivities and with Thanksgiving people start decorating their houses, making plans for holidays and eagerly wait for Christmas and New Years. So, it brings with it festive vibes that make the person excited for the upcoming days.
  • Perfect time for shopaholics: Fortnight before Thanksgiving all the brands start putting up sale and discount codes on their products and services. Exciting offers and mega deals are a must during Thanksgiving and it is a bonanza for shopaholics. Whether you want to buy grocery or fixed assets or want to go on a holiday or get some jewellery, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to shop especially online as there are mind-blowing deals that will sweep you away and still won’t hurt your budget.
  • Happy vibes all around: There are happy vibes all around and the theme of the season is to express gratitude and make merry. It increases the sense of belongingness among everyone and helps them to appreciate each other and enjoy unity in diversity.


To conclude, if you think it is just another holiday to eat and shop then think about the above reasons and make your own gratitude list. It will definitely make your Thanksgiving special and enriching.

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