6 Things That Are Cheaper If You Buy In January

January 3, 2019 By Admin

If you are unable to grab savings during or after Christmas sales, don’t be despair. January is still a month of huge discounts. There will be plenty of deals going on in January, but here are some of the things that get extremely cheap and you should definitely consider buying them.


1 Holiday Décor

You may not be organized to buy holiday décor for the next year, but the prices of things like candles, lights, wrapping paper, ornaments, and cards really plummet post new year. Retailers don’t have enough space to stock up new arrivals, so they release out clearance sale, giving you abundant discounts. Bydiscountcodes has a  plethora of discounts and deals promoted by thousands of online merchants and brands. Buy holiday decoration items at up to 80% off and store them until next season.

2 Travel Packages

Since January is the off-season in the travel industry, it can be a great time to travel to your favorite destination. You can easily find value holiday packages as well as luxury holidays and resorts at fantastic prices. Many airlines and hotels offer lower rates, usually discounts up to 20% of peak season fares. Avoid last-minute booking as it may turn out a bit expensive.

3 Bath and Bedding Accessories

If you are short of bedding and towels and planning to buy new ones, then wait till January. Many online merchants hold bath and bedding sales also known as White Sales in January. This sale usually contains big bargains on white sheets, but now they have grown to include mirrors, rugs, showers and many other home essentials to give you the best prices.

4 Clothing

You may be surprised to know, but some of the best fashion deals are usually held between the last week of December and the first week of January. During this time, retailers offer up to 70% discounts on the products they hoped to get rid of before Christmas. Do your research well and you will easily find jackets, sweaters, scarves, shoes and more at less than the half price.

5 Food and Drink

The prices of seasonal foods such as cheese, chocolates, and wine tend to drop after the New Year as retailers are no more interested in seasonal flavors after that. They are looking to stock up healthy foods and therefore, to make space for healthy foods, they offer grocery sale after New Year. During this period you can buy cheese and liquor at reasonable prices.

6 Open box electronics

Electronics are highly sought after gifts for holidays. When electronics are unboxed and returned, they are put on sale as open box electronics. After the festive season, there is a huge rise in open box electronics as many people make holiday returns. Which means you can easily get a brand new smartphone or TV for lesser than original price just because the box has been opened. Some websites even have a separate section for refurbished and open box items.


What would you prefer to buy in January? Make the most of your money this holiday season and after.

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