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How Little Lifestyle Changes Can Help You Save Extra Money

How Little Lifestyle Changes Can Help You Save Extra Money

Making certain lifestyle changes will not only help you achieve good health, but also bring more wealth by allowing you to save money. Achieving financial and personal fitness is quite similar. You eat less than you need, you lose weight. You spend less than you make, you save.


How Little Lifestyle Changes Can Help You Save Extra Money

Lifestyle changes could be an intelligent move to save money if you are saving up for the retirement, attaining a financial goal, planning to buy a house, save for your children or just want to build an emergency backup fund. Make these little changes in your lifestyle and it will help you save extra money while staying healthy.

1. Reduce dining out

Eating out can take a tremendous toll on your budget. Imagine you are spending £200 a month on eating out, which adds up to £2400 per year. If you skip dining out, £2400 could directly funnel into your savings account. Even if you cut down eating out by half, you could save £1200 a year. Eating at home can save you considerable money without radically changing your lifestyle.

2. Take public transport whenever possible

If you live in the urban city, you are lucky. Your city probably offers subways and buses to get to the different parts of the city. You can easily calculate the cost of everyday fuel and parking charges against taking a public transit. You will certainly end up saving a lot of money if you choose to take public transport as they are way cheaper.

3. Unplug the electronics when you are not using them

Since you can buy a vast range of electronics at fantastic prices with plenty of deals, the average household in the UK owns over 20 consumer electronics. It is an important thing to note that your electronics still consume power even they are turned off. Unplugging the devices when you are not using them can bring you incredible savings at the end of the year.

4. Stop running after branded products

Brands are indeed known for their top quality, but they can also ruin your budget. Therefore, we advise you to go generic wherever possible. Prioritize the things that are the most important to you and buy branded only for the stuff you care about. Go generic for the rest of the things and you will be able to save tons of money. Check out a whole host of discounts and bargains we offer for thousands of branded UK stores before making a purchase.

5. Exercise at home or outdoors rather than buying a gym membership

Exercise is good for mental and physical health, but it doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym. Exercising at home or outdoors is one of the best lifestyle changes that can save you heaps of money rather than buying expensive gym memberships that you are hardly going to use. You can buy gym equipment at discounted prices from Best Gym Equipment and set up the home gym or indulge in outdoor exercises like running, cycling, biking, etc.


Cutting down on your expenses will make your life easier in more ways than one. You don’t need to make drastic lifestyle changes to do so, but little changes in certain aspects of your life will leave more money in your bank.

How to Teach Your Kids to Save Money?

How to Teach Your Kids to Save Money?

Teaching your kids how to save money is one of the important aspects of living a wealthy and secure life. Yet so many of us fail to do so. It is a critical parenting step to prepare them for a long term financial success. However, saving money is not an easy task. It takes time to build this habit. In this post, we will show you how to set up your kids to spend and save money wisely and enjoy a secure financial future.

How to Teach Your Kids to Save Money?

1 Distinguish between wants vs. needs

The basic step to teach your kids the value of money is to help them differentiate between wants and needs. Tell them that the needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter are all basic necessities and wants are all extras. Teach them to first fulfill basic necessities and then go for extras as and when needed.

2 Pay them for chores they do

The children will learn to save better when they will earn themselves. Give them an opportunity to do some household chores and pay or give a present from Prezzybox. This will make them understand how much effort it takes to earn money and will give them a sense of accomplishment. At the beginning of the week, give them a list of chores to be completed, and assess what chores have been accomplished at the end of the week and pay them accordingly.

3 Create a budget and track spending

Make your children create a budget that will give them an idea about what they can afford. It will help them realize the value of money and not to take things for granted. To make them a better saver, it is necessary to teach them to keep track of their spending. Tell them if they buy too many toys and candies, they may not have enough money to put in the savings jar.

4 Write down the goals

Writing down the goals will strengthen the idea of achieving short term and long term targets. When kids start achieving their goals, they will feel more confident about themselves and money management. Make sure they start with small goals, like buying an inexpensive toy from Bargain Max rather than going for a bicycle.

5 Teach by Examples

One of the best ways to teach your children to save money is by using examples. Who else could be a better example than yourself? Have your own savings jar and put more or less money regularly. While shopping, show your kids how to distinguish between things and explain why choosing one thing is better than another. Tell them how much you work hard for their living, food, college fees and so on.


Although talking to kids about money management is a daunting task, but it will help them build solid financial habits for the rest of their life. Starting the discussion as early as possible will enable them to make better financial decisions and live a debt-free life.

How to Save on Christmas Celebrations by Shopping Early

How to Save on Christmas Celebrations by Shopping Early

Christmas is just around the corner and it is the most beautiful time of the year and the most expensive as well. It is the time you should start thinking about all the possibilities that could help you save money on your Christmas shopping. It’s the time of the year when we hop from stores to stores to kill our Christmas shopping list. Being a leading deals hunter in the UK, we have mastered the art of saving money. In this post, we will tell you about 6 smart tips that will help you save hundreds of pounds on Christmas by shopping early.

How to Save on Christmas Celebrations by Shopping Early

1 Make a Christmas shopping list and set your budget

Have you ever went to a grocery shop with an empty stomach only to buy items that you don’t require? The same idea applies when it comes to Christmas shopping. Make a list of people you want to buy gifts for and set your spending limit. It is very easy to go overboard without having a list on hand. Start your list by adding immediate family members and close friends, and don’t be afraid to trim people if it is breaking your bank.

2 Bring out the gifts that you received last year and are still unused

Since Christmas is the occasion of exchanging gifts, inevitably we all have received gifts that we don’t want. In fact, over 30% of people visit stores to return their gifts. Another large group of people tries to sell off their products on the internet. Instead, you should keep them safe and save for this day. Take the gifts out of your storeroom and re-wrap them to tick off your Christmas shopping list.

3 Don’t get tempted by sneaky extras

Have you ever faced a situation where you see an item online for £25 and when you try to checkout, the price rise by £5? Online businesses today try to upsell and you might feel like you are adding small budget items, but these can instantly add up. Be cautious about these extras and avoid making unnecessary expenses.

4 Look for Christmas deals

Online stores release out the biggest sales when they are moving out of their old inventory. When the items are no longer in demand or go out of season, it is the time you can take advantage by noting down the names of people and a gift idea next to their name. There are sites like ByDiscountCodes that offers a whole host of deals and bargains from thousands of online stores across the UK.

5 Use social media to find exclusive savings

Social media has gained incredible popularity over the past few years, with brands and companies competing to attract more audience. Some retailers promote exclusive deals and discounts on social media as a means to gain more followers and boost sales. If you follow your favorite brands, you are likely to get an exclusive bargain through their social channels. Signing up with their newsletter service is also a good idea to get alerts about new arrivals and sales.

6 Shop from thrift and consignment stores

There is a popular saying, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ Thrift stores are a great place to discover treasure troves stacked with gifts that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Often, you will find brand new things with original price tags at significantly lower prices at consignment stores, garage sale, eBay and others.


Although Christmas brings a lot of happiness and joy in your life, it can quickly drain your pocket if you don’t plan and shop in advance. We hope that these tips help you in keeping your budget intact while buying all the presents you need for your family and friends. Be a wise and smart shopper this Christmas, so you don’t bust your budget.

6 Excellent Ideas To Design Your Garden on Budget

If you are lucky enough to have an empty space or patio area around your house, there are a lot of ways you can make it look attractive. Creating a beautiful backyard doesn’t have to cost the earth. With the right advice and little effort, you can transform your outdoor space into your dream garden at very reasonable prices. We would like to present you some clever and affordable ways to help you get the small garden you wish on budget.

1 Begin with a Plan

First, determine what changes you want to make and see if you can reuse what you already have. Prepare the sketch of your garden and measure out your garden area, so you don’t have to spend on buying unnecessary things. Waitrose Garden is the best online retailer where you can find the finest plants and bulbs at affordable costs, which will last longer as well as help you save money in the long run.

2 Ask for Help

Ask your friends to help you build your garden, set up fencing and plant the bulbs. If you already have old fences, then consider cleaning and painting them rather than purchasing new ones. Moreover, choose self-binding gravel over bricks or stones as it costs less and requires much less labor. Hayes Garden World is a good place to buy garden fencing and gravels at exciting discounts.

3 Save on Plants

Plant your own bulbs and plants or consider exchanging with friends and family. Know when to buy particular items. For instance, bare-root plants are cheaper in winter or autumn and bulbs are more affordable to buy in autumn than any other season. Don’t hesitate to buy small shrubs, and stay patient because they will grow with time.

4 Reuse Your Old Furniture

If you have any outdated furniture at home, clean it to make it usable for the garden. It may not last long, but it will help you go through until you can buy stronger and more robust furniture. You can also give some inexpensive touches to your garden, such as adding cushions to your patio set or keeping candle holders on the patio table.

5 Pull Out Weeds

Weeds are bound to occur if you have plants. Weeds are like dust. If you get rid of them now, they will appear later. They really make your garden look untidy. Fortunately, there are ways you can pull them out of the flower beds. You can pluck them using a kitchen knife or use a weedkiller to keep them away from your garden.

6 Paint Your Fencing and Shed

Old fencing and sheds look dull, so spend some time to bring them to life. You don’t necessarily need to buy everything new, but you can spruce up old things by putting a layer of paint. Most sheds are built to last longer, but if your shed has turned shabby, painting is the cost-effective way to make it look attractive again. However, if you are looking to replace your worn out shed, look at the collection available at where you can buy quality sheds at amazing prices.


As you can see, there are numerous ways you can keep your garden look great without spending a fortune. Just with a little effort and regular maintenance, you can have a beautiful green garden in your outdoor space. The key secret is to carefully choose the plant varieties that can bear a little hardship. A garden is also one of the things that can affect your mind and soul. If you had a rough day, sitting in a garden with a cup of tea is the best way to relax and unwind.

10 Intelligent Tips to Save Money On Your Hotel Booking

Booking hotels is one of the hardest parts while planning holidays. With so many beautiful hotels to choose from, loads of amenities they offer, number of websites to book them and so many customer reviews, it becomes very confusing to pick a hotel that not only suits your budget but your requirements too. However, there are lots of ways to slash down the prices of accommodation or make the most out of your stay. Follow these simple tips and trips to save money on hotels and spend more on fun adventures.

1 Plan Ahead

The best time to hunt for great bargains is by planning ahead of the time. If you have the flexibility of planning in advance, then take advantage of it. Some hotels allow you to book up to one year in advance, which is the best way to score some great deals and discount on hotels. Even if you book six months before your departure, you will have more money in hand when you reach your destination.

2 Avoid Extras

Getting a hotel that includes daily breakfast in their booking is simply perfect to save extra pennies on holidays. You may choose to go to a local café for breakfast, but if your hotel is including breakfast in your booking for a little extra money, then it is worth it. However, avoid including extra amenities like swimming pool, spa, gym, etc., if you are not really going to use them.

3 Look for “Kids stay free”

There are very fewer hotels that charge for the kids sharing room with their parents. Search for hotels that allow the kids to stay for free and don’t charge anything. Some hotels also allow kids to eat for free as a way to make adults eat on the hotel premises. So make sure you opt for hotels like Apex Hotels that let your kids stay and eat for free, which will significantly mount up your savings.

4 Choose ‘Off’ Days

One of the best ways to grab a low price on hotels is to book during the off-season or outside peak days. Avoid days like Friday and Saturday, bank holidays, school holidays and festivals like Christmas and Easter, as these days tend to show more prices than normal. However, many of us are restricted to travel only on weekends. So, if you are one of them, then try looking out for deals or consider booking in advance.

5 Combine Your Flights & Hotels

Many websites like Expedia offers an opportunity to holidaymakers to save money by combining their flights and hotels. This is their marketing strategy to influence users to book everything from their site. However, we are at the advantage here, so don’t miss to grab savings here.

6 Don’t Hesitate to Ask for an Upgrade

If you are traveling on off-season days and there aren’t many people in the hotel, this is your time to ask for the upgrade. You never know you may get a perk or two if you are in good luck. Consider the upgrades like a bigger room, more amenities, better view, complimentary meals or special discounts. So, don’t be scared to ask for upgrades and enjoy a little extra perk on your stay.

7 Use Your Credit Card Rewards

If you use credit cards a lot, check if your credit card offers a rewards program that gives discounts on hotel stays. This may give you benefits like free nights, hotel perks and room upgrades. If you are part of a company or organization that offers discount vouchers for hotels, make sure you take advantage of those savings.

8 Use Price Comparison Sites

There are sites that allow you to compare the prices of the same hotel, same room from different hotel booking providers. The number of amenities offered may vary, but you are likely to get the lowest deal while comparing prices from multiple sites. Momondo is a good place to start your hotel comparison for the best price.

9 Use Last-Minute Booking Website

Hotels would rather provide rooms at a bargain price than keeping them empty. So, if you are making a hotel reservation at the last-minute, then visit sites like Last Minute to score massive savings on hotels. They let you grab great deals on thousands of hotels worldwide through their last-minute offers.

10 Other than Hotels

Hotels are not the only accommodation option for the holidays. Consider renting an apartment from Travelodge or booking a hostel room from Clink Hostels. These hotel alternatives offer great savings on your vacation, especially if you are traveling with friends.


Thus, holidays are never cheaper, but if you look closely and act wisely, you can hunt for huge bargains and offers not only on hotels but on flights and car rentals too. Follow these few smart tricks and let us know which work for you and which don’t.

Top 6 Tips and Tricks to Save Money on Flight Tickets

Airplane fares are extremely dynamic and illusive. They could easily rip off somebody who is not known to airline rules and policies. It is not only expensive to book a seat, but the airlines will also try to pull out extra money from your pockets for anything such as selecting a window seat or a seat near the exit. Whether you plan to travel from a budget airline or choose the least amenities, you are sure to spend more than you intended.

However, the serious reality of plane ticket fares is every passenger traveling from the same airplane has paid different prices. Somebody paid $70 for the flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, while you paid $150 for the same tickets. So, how do you become a person who paid less than half for the same flight? We have gathered some working tips and tricks that could help you save tons of money on your next flight tickets.

1 Book Tickets At Least 45 Days in Advance

According to research, the best time to buy plane tickets is 45 to 90 days before the travel date. Airfares fluctuate a lot in the final 20 days before the departure. Once you fix your travel date and destination, book the tickets as soon as possible in order to grab the lowest rate. Another perk of booking early is you get to choose the seats you want. If you wait too long to book your tickets, not only you will have to pay more money, but you will also need to pay extra bucks to secure your desired seat.


2 Choose Connecting Flights

Being flexible with flights is another way to book cheap tickets. If you are not in a hurry, then opt for booking a connecting flight as it can be a lot cheaper than direct flights. There are so many budget carriers out there and taking advantage of them is one of the best ways to save money on flights. But, make sure you keep at least 3 hours between two flights so that in case anything goes wrong, you have enough time to resolve it. Your next flight won’t wait and won’t care if you are running late.


3 Use a Compare Price Service

While booking flight tickets, it is suggested that you use third-party portals that not only offer excellent travel deals but also allow you to compare prices through different airlines. There are portals like Expedia and Google Flights that fetch prices from multiple airlines and carriers so you can find the lowest possible prices for your route.


4 Search Tickets for a Single Person

If you are traveling as a group, don’t search for multiple tickets in a single search. Airlines display the highest fare in the group of tickets. For instance, if you are friends of three and looking for three seats, the airline will search three seats together and show you the highest price of all. If seat A is £50, B is £65 and C is £70, then the airline will show £70 for each seat rather than adding up an individual seat. Therefore, always find tickets for a single person and then choose your seats during the checkout process.


5 Sign Up for Newsletter and Special Alerts

The best way to stay updated with all the special offers and deals is to sign up for the newsletter from different travel and airline portals. Many times cheap flight fares are available for only a couple of hours and if you don’t grab them straight away, you may miss out many cheap offers. Signing up to the newsletter will help you receive all the exclusive offers or last-minute deals that are going on right in your inbox.


6 Be Flexible With Dates

If you don’t need to reach a destination on an absolute date, then search flights with flexible dates as airfares vary greatly based on the day of the week and holidays. You can also consider flying to an alternate airport, which may help you save a chunk of money. Some airline portals show weekly calendars, sharing the price fares on each day, so you can pick the cheapest flight.



Finding a cheap flight is all about being attentive and smart in where, when and how you want to travel. Booking early and being flexible with the dates are the two best hacks for finding cheaper flights.

7 Thoughtful and Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Fathers are an amazing creature on earth, so the gifts you buy for them should be amazing too. But, if you are stuck with ideas, then this post is for you. We have created a list of 7 Father’s day gifts that are not only fun and unique but affordable too. Whether you are buying for your dad, grandfather, father of your kids or beloved uncle, telling them how much you care doesn’t have to break your budget. Have a look at our exclusive gift ideas to make the Father’s day even more memorable.


1. Tie Clip

If your dad works at a corporate level, a tie clip is a very unique gift idea that is sure to be loved by him. This gift can be made even more unique when you buy it with ‘#1 DAD’ engraved on it from If you want to explore more options, then is also a good place to buy tie clips to let your dad know how much he is being loved.

2. Personalized T-Shirt

Think of buying a personalized T-shirt by having it printed with something that your father loves. For example, if your father loves food, then customize the T-shirt with his favorite food illustration printed on it. offers extensive customization options to print on T-shirts, hoodies, vests, tops and more at affordable prices.

3. BirchBox for Men

If your dad likes trying new grooming products, then BirchBox makes an ideal gift for this Father’s day. BirchBox will send out a few curated grooming products every month to try out. So, whether he is getting ready for work or attending a special event, these products will have him covered.

4. Father’s Day Gift Basket

Not all men love sweets and chocolates. Instead of giving him the usual card and candy gift, why not think of buying a complete gift basket? Fill the basket with peanuts, cashews, almond, pistachios, gum and any other snack thing that he loves. Head over to for exciting discounts on healthy snack options.

5. Personalized Photo Frame

Collect some of your dad’s favorite old pics and create a photo collage online to give him the gift of memories. There are websites like that allow you to use those photos and create photo frames, puzzles, canvas prints and more. Just upload your photos and make cool photo gifts in minutes.

6. Gift of Tech

Watching movies on the phone or tablet isn’t always great. The devices like Amazon Fire TV allows us to expand our viewing experience by mirroring media content from their mobile devices to HDTV. With relatively affordable cost, it makes one of the best tech gifts to give him on this Father’s day.

7. Drink Coasters

Fathers who love beer will surely love custom coasters. Coasters are great to drink accessory that can also keep your furniture protected. Using Zazzle you can create a unique beer coaster using your own personal photos and artwork on the cardboard carriers.  These coasters are not only perfect but will also fit in your budget.


Final Words

Above all the gift options, nothing can beat the gift of time that is filled with fun and quality moments. Make sure you spend enough time with him on this day by having meals together, going for a walk, or hanging out in a park. Ask him what he loves and help him do things that he enjoys. Buyagift offers an exclusive 20% off on plenty of adventurous experiences, so be sure to check it out. Giving time over gifts is much more meaningful because it’s an excellent way to create memories and treasure as you grow up.

8 Effective Tips For Saving Money On Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is meant to save you from the financial crises when a trip is interrupted or canceled. Though travel insurance can be pricey, it can protect you from losing tons of money in an unforeseen situation. Travel insurance packages vary from provider to provider, but most of them include cover for illness, weather, and events that ruin your travel plans. Here are 8 working tips that can help you save bundles of cash on your next travel insurance policy.


  • Opt for Annual Policy if you are a frequent traveler

If you are someone who travels more than three times a year, it is advisable to choose annual travel insurance over single-trip travel insurance. Paying a one-time fee for the entire year’s travel can be a lot cheaper than buying single-trip policies. Post Office Travel Insurance provider offers up to 40% savings on annual multi-trip insurance.


  • Know what things are already covered

If you are booking a refundable trip, then you may not need to buy travel insurance in the first place as you will get your money back if you cancel your trip. Also, remember that some hotels and flights offer refundable booking options, slimming the value of travel insurance.


  • Check if anything is covered in your home insurance policy or credit card

Sometimes home insurance policies include coverage for your personal belongings while away from home. That means you can opt out baggage cover in your travel insurance which can save you considerable money. In addition, many rewards and credit cards also offer auto hire coverage, trip cancellation coverage and baggage delay coverage as cardholder benefits.


  • Compare prices online and shop around

Travel insurance plans are not one size fits all. You can tailor your own travel insurance plan to include what you need and exclude what you don’t need. Spend some time to research online and compare prices on price comparison websites. In this way, you will be able to find the least expensive policy that suits your needs.


  • Use travel insurance discount vouchers and deals

One of the best ways to save on travel insurance is finding respective deals and bargains. We offer a plethora of voucher codes from plenty of insurance service providers, such as Boots Travel Insurance, Leisureguard, Post Office and Alpha Travel insurance so you can get the best price for your desired policy. Using these free deals can help you save up to 40% on your policies.


  • Include only things that you need

While buying travel insurance, make sure you include only those things in the policy that you think need coverage. For instance, if you are not going to hire a car, then you don’t need car hire insurance. Or, if you are going on a domestic trip, then you don’t need to buy expensive international travel cover.


  • Pay attention to excess

An excess is an amount a policyholder needs to pay against a claim. Higher the amount of excess, cheaper the policy will be. For example, if you claim £400  for your stolen phone and the excess is £150, then the insurer will pay £250. So, make sure you carefully choose your excess. That is because the amount of excess will decide whether the claim is worth making or not.


  • Get an EHIC card if you are heading to Europe

If you are traveling to Europe, a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will give you access to low-cost or free state-provided healthcare in a medical emergency. Some travel insurance plans will also waive the excess amount for medical claims if you use the EHIC card for getting medical treatment. However, remember that EHIC card is the supplement to travel insurance and not an alternate.



While looking for ways to save on travel insurance, it is important to understand what you need in the policy and when buying travel insurance is a wise choice. Sometimes, you may not even need travel cover in the first place.


Top 10 Tips And Tricks For Every Shopper To Save Money

If you want to know secrets to save tons of money, then you have landed at the right place. We have some great tips and tricks for you that you can use for your spending advantage. Go ahead and dig into the top secrets to become a smart and savvy shopper.



  • Don’t rush to buy the latest

Many shoppers are eager to get their hands on the latest fashion and electronics. Buying anything as soon as it comes out means you are paying the top prices. Instead, wait some time for the price to stabilize. Many retailers drop down the prices of old stock when they are about to launch new products. It is wise to wait a while rather than paying a fortune.


  • Put items in the wish list

When you put items in the wish list, it notifies the merchant about your interest in those products. Retailers would want to close the deal, so they will find ways to come back to you. They may send you email regarding the price drop or discounts as their email marketing technique. Make sure you create a separate email account so you don’t miss out any promotions.


  • Check ByDiscountCodes for deals and discounts

The best way to save bundles of cash is to turn to It is the quickest way to find great bargains from thousands of retailers like Debenhams, Laura Ashley, Argos and Currys. All you need to do is search for your favorite stores and you will instantly see the list of discount codes and vouchers. We regularly update deals in order to give you the best bargains.


  • Don’t forget to check clearance or sale section

Many retailers promote clearance sale and price reduction offers on their website to attract customers. Most merchants run this sale whole around the year, offering discounts and low prices across various departments. Therefore, we would suggest that you regularly check sale department so you don’t miss out anything.


  • Sign up for registration discounts and reward points

Many online merchants offer discounts when you sign up on their website. Moreover, you may also get to earn reward points on your purchases that may be available exclusively for members. The reason for giving reward points is to encourage their customers to shop again in the future. These reward points can be redeemed on the next purchase and you can get some amount off on your total order.


  • Pick up from store if there is no free delivery

You won’t always be lucky to receive free delivery. If you want to save on delivery costs, then you may take advantage of click and collect service. See if the retailer, where you are placing the order, allows you to pick your items from the nearest store. Sometimes, you can also receive your products the same day if they are already in stock.


  • Use price comparison websites

Using price comparison websites is the best way to find the lowest prices of your desired items. These websites list down prices from different online retailers, so you can compare prices of the same product from different sellers.


  • Browse social media

If you use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, make sure you follow your favorite brands on social media. Companies today are creating deals and offers exclusively for their social media followers. However, be careful because fraudsters may post fake offers to lure their users.


  • Combine your purchases

If you are planning to buy a couple of things, make sure you combine your purchases into one order. Many online retailers offer extra discounts or provide free shipping if your order value exceeds certain amount. The amount may differ, but you are most likely to save some chunks of money.


  • Shop on the right day and right time

Prices vary throughout the week. That means some days that feature cheaper prices are better to buy certain products. For instance, Tuesday afternoon is the best time to buy clothing and travel tickets since that is when many retailers offer massive discounts. Also, shopping at the night time is preferred as everybody is asleep and there won’t be much traffic to affect the dynamic pricing.

8 Clever Tips To Save Money While Buying Christmas Gifts

We all tend to overspend on buying gifts for the occasion. Though, exchanging gifts increase affection and strengthens relationships, but there is no reason you should break your bank. Therefore, we have provided several ways that can help you save money on Christmas shopping and still get special gifts for everyone in your list.



#1 Create a list of recipients – First of all, create a list of the people you want to buy gifts for. Write down the names based on your interaction with them. You don’t necessarily need to buy physical gifts for everyone. Start by adding the names of your family and close friends, and don’t be afraid to trim down the people you haven’t interacted in the last 12 months.


#2 Stick to your budget – One of the important things to keep in mind while shopping for Christmas is your gift budget. Look how much you have got in your hand and stick to it. Don’t let your emotions end you up in debt. Remember your last year spending and decide how much you are willing to spend this year. Though Christmas comes once a year, it is not the only festival you would be buying gifts for.


#3 Prioritise the gift recipients – Once you have the gift list and the budget on your hand, set a priority of your spending. For example, if you are looking gifts for your father, you can go for a nice shirt or trouser. Go for fragrances and perfumes while buying for your friends. Debenhams is a good place to shop everything as it has a whole host of gift ideas in different categories available at incredible prices. If you can’t think of anything better, consider buying chocolates from chocolate sale at Thorntons that is just right for any occasion and budget.


#4 Look for stores that provide discounts – To make the most of your gift budget is to check for discounted stores and find great bargains. All the brands release out festive discounts, so you can shop more while spending less. Also, look for vouchers and promotional deals to maximize your savings. Be sure to browse different stores rather than sticking to only one store, so that you can compare the deals and get yourself the best rebate.


#5 Utilise your loyalty points – You may have earned reward points for all the spending you did in the past years. Now is the time to redeem your points in order to get some money off on your purchases. Many retailers give you massive savings against reward points, so be sure to make the most of your loyalty points.


#6 Have a DIY Christmas – If you are running low on budget, then consider DIY Christmas gifts. Hop on to YouTube and Instagram and get some ideas for art & crafts that you can give as Christmas presents. Search for materials right now and create something that simply stands out. This way you will not only be able to save huge money, but your gift will also touch the recipient’s heart directly.


#7 Purchase a combined gift – Instead of buying separate gifts for everyone, go for a slightly expensive gift for two or more people. Buy a gift that combines the interest of two or more. For instance, you can buy a board game for kids, so everyone can enjoy the same thing. This will help you save money while giving great presents.


#8 Look your closet for the gifts you have received – Many times we receive unwanted or repeated gifts, such as coffee mugs that we never use. Utilize those items and re-wrap them to take some burden off your shoulder. In this way, you will get rid of those products, have some room in your closet as well as delight your recipients. But, before wrapping them, make sure their condition is good and they haven’t been deteriorated.


Christmas is a stressful time for many with a tight budget or has a lot of people on the gift list. Avoid huge credit card bills by creating a shopping budget. Figure out how much you want to spend on each person, what you want to buy for them and always pay in cash.

How To Grab Christmas and New Year Discounts Online

While Christmas and New Year is just around the corner, it is the best time to hunt for bargains. Whether you are looking for jackets, coats and other winter clothing to home furniture, gifts or tech gadgets, this season can give you some big savings if you prepare in advance. If you want to be prepared like a savvy, seasoned sale shopper, here are a few things you need to do.

Top 9 Tips To Save Money On Your Christmas and New Year Shopping



#1 Start researching – If you need a specific item during the sale, you need to research a bit. You cannot just go online and find what’s on offer because a successful sale shopping needs time and effort. Prior to the starting of the sale, check out the product page and find out size, color, specs and returns policy. This will help you locate your product right away, making the shopping process faster during the sale.

#2 Browse social media – Many brands often promote their sale on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you are a social media addict, then follow your favorite brands, so you can spot discounts and grab them before they disappear. Some brands release out exclusive bargains only for social media users, so make sure you stay active during the season.

#3 Subscribe to vouchers website – One of the best ways to save huge money is subscribing to discount vouchers website, like Bydiscountcodes. Subscribe to its free newsletter service and the website will inform you about the upcoming deals and special bargains through email. Moreover, you may also get additional discounts, student bargains, exclusive offers and loyalty points to help you save most of your money.

#4 Club your purchases – The other best way to boost your savings is to club your purchases. Create a list of items you want and try to buy everything at once. Many online stores offer extra discounts when the amount exceeds a certain value as a treat to delight their customers. You may also entitle to free delivery, thus, saving you chunks of money.

#5 Ask your family if they need anything – If you have just a thing or two to buy for yourself and it is not sufficient enough to give you desirable discounts, then ask your siblings and parents if they want anything. In this way, your order value will increase and ultimately it will help you get more discounts on your purchases.

#6 Set reminders – All the brands and online retailers announce the sale start date in advance. So, if you have an eye on a specific brand or specific items, be sure to set up a reminder in your phone. The sale usually starts around Christmas Eve and lasts until the New Year, and the alerts will enable you to snap up the bargain as soon as the sale begins.

#7 Know what to buy when – If you have clothes, tech, and gifts in the list, we suggest you to snap them up first. These are the items that go out of stock faster. When it comes to buying home furniture and appliances, it is suggested to wait because the prices of these items drop gradually. So, you are more likely to get them at lesser prices than original.

#8 Set up your account in advance – It is advisable that you create your account on the merchant’s website before you begin shopping. Provide complete contact and address details while creating your account, which will help you make the shopping process faster. During the festive sale, you may experience slow website speed due to increased traffic and you surely would not want to get stuck in between.

#9 Shop at midnight or early morning – Most of the season sales tend to commence at midnight. If you don’t want to miss out your favorite bargains, then this is the time to grab them. The time between midnight and early morning enables you to shop without any hassle as there are hardly any people who shop at this time.



These are the 9 shopping tips that are the most likely to work for any festive season sale. Do you have any better sales tip in mind? Comment down below.

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