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How to Teach Your Kids to Save Money?

How to Teach Your Kids to Save Money?

Teaching your kids how to save money is one of the important aspects of living a wealthy and secure life. Yet so many of us fail to do so. It is a critical parenting step to prepare them for a long term financial success. However, saving money is not an easy task. It takes time to build this habit. In this post, we will show you how to set up your kids to spend and save money wisely and enjoy a secure financial future.

How to Teach Your Kids to Save Money?

1 Distinguish between wants vs. needs

The basic step to teach your kids the value of money is to help them differentiate between wants and needs. Tell them that the needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter are all basic necessities and wants are all extras. Teach them to first fulfill basic necessities and then go for extras as and when needed.

2 Pay them for chores they do

The children will learn to save better when they will earn themselves. Give them an opportunity to do some household chores and pay or give a present from Prezzybox. This will make them understand how much effort it takes to earn money and will give them a sense of accomplishment. At the beginning of the week, give them a list of chores to be completed, and assess what chores have been accomplished at the end of the week and pay them accordingly.

3 Create a budget and track spending

Make your children create a budget that will give them an idea about what they can afford. It will help them realize the value of money and not to take things for granted. To make them a better saver, it is necessary to teach them to keep track of their spending. Tell them if they buy too many toys and candies, they may not have enough money to put in the savings jar.

4 Write down the goals

Writing down the goals will strengthen the idea of achieving short term and long term targets. When kids start achieving their goals, they will feel more confident about themselves and money management. Make sure they start with small goals, like buying an inexpensive toy from Bargain Max rather than going for a bicycle.

5 Teach by Examples

One of the best ways to teach your children to save money is by using examples. Who else could be a better example than yourself? Have your own savings jar and put more or less money regularly. While shopping, show your kids how to distinguish between things and explain why choosing one thing is better than another. Tell them how much you work hard for their living, food, college fees and so on.


Although talking to kids about money management is a daunting task, but it will help them build solid financial habits for the rest of their life. Starting the discussion as early as possible will enable them to make better financial decisions and live a debt-free life.

Incredible Savings on 10 Halloween Gift Ideas from Hobbycraft, Baker Ross, Wilko and More

Halloween is almost here!! That means it is a good time to visit online stores to find great bargains on Halloween gift supplies. Party supply stores and consignment stores will be pulling out all the stocks as special sales and clearance sales this month. In fact, it begins happening in September, but even if you are late, worry not. The discounts will still flash until 31st October.

Whether you are searching gift for a Halloween house party guests or a friend who loves this spooky day, we are here to help you find a perfect gift that won’t break your bank as well as horrify (delight) the recipient.

1 Halloween T-Shirts –

Start your Halloween game with scary t-shirts, such as one showing the cat’s outline. Such decent yet creepy T-shirts can make a great casual outfit for Halloween holidays.

2 Spider Leg Basket –

The spider leg design makes this basket an excellent gift that can be filled with all the tricks and treats on Halloween. That basket stands on a black spider’s leg, adding a spooky look for haunting Halloween celebrations.

3 Sterling Silver Earrings –

These cute little earrings make a perfect gift for girls of all ages. The earrings feature a black cat wearing a witch’s hat in black and orange color. They are lightweight and very comfortable, especially for little girls.

4 Pumpkin High Bounce Balls

If you are looking for something for little champs, you shouldn’t miss checking these pumpkin designs high bounce balls. Kids will love playing with their mates, practice their throwing and catching skills. They can also be bought as party bag fillers.

5 Halloween Bendy Straw Cups

Bendy straw cups with Halloween design printed again makes a great gift for kids. These sturdy cups with a straw make your drink even more fun and go down a treat.

6 Halloween Eyeball Highlighter

Gift this eyeball highlighter to your female friend or your beloved, and let them enhance their eyes to realize how freakishly good they can look. This eye-popping highlighter is just a perfect beauty gift for Halloween because even ghosts like to look sexy.

7 Halloween Large Light Up Pumpkin

Make it a night to remember by choosing large pumpkins light up for yourself or to gift someone this Halloween. It can be kept at the door to welcome your guests to this spooky party or can be put anywhere to create the Halloween mood.

8 Evil Skull Wine Holder –

This creepy skull shape wine holder will surely entice the wine lover. Use it to hold your wine bottles or as a display piece, this decorative wine holder is the perfect gift for wine lovers on Halloween to place their favorite bottles.

9 Haunted Mansion Mug –

Featuring the well-known spooky characters, including three hitchhiking ghosts, hatbox ghost and the bride, the haunted mansion mug is sure to be loved by all coffee and tea lovers.

10 Finger Shaped USB drive –

Looking creepy gifts for tech enthusiasts? What else could be better than a finger-shaped USB drive. This handcrafted crystal flash drive is a fun and easy way to store all your documents and makes a great gift for family and friends.



With so many deals from so many retailers right within your reach, it doesn’t make sense not to shop right away. Halloween celebrations need to be fun and inexpensive. That’s why we have brought a range of voucher codes, special deals, discount offers, and promotional vouchers, so you can create strong bonds with your family and friends by giving excellent gifts without breaking your bank.

How to Make Easter Celebrations On Budget

Easter is just around the corner and we all are probably searching for inexpensive gift baskets for kids and family. Though Easter is a lovely day to celebrate, but it doesn’t necessarily mean to overspend and overfill those baskets with candies. You can also look for gifts other than candies to put in the Easter basket. This post will guide you on how to create an Easter basket on budget and use that extra money to spend on family holidays or simply pay off your debt.



#1 Fix your spending limit

The idea of ‘sticking to budget’ applies to everything, including holidays and celebrations. Rather than going to the store and blindly picking gift baskets, sit down and determine a budget for each kid. Consider buying small toys or art books from Debenhams, and you will be surprised to see how much you can get for just a few bucks. If you are looking for something unusual, then Buy a Gift is the best place to find a variety of gift experiences with special deals.


#2 Shop Easter clothes from a Sale shop

We all tend to go overboard when it comes to Easter outfits. If you have multiple kids, then buying separate suits, dresses and shoes can cost you the earth. You can save tons of money by shopping through a thrift shop. Also, if you are shopping online, don’t forget to check out discount code websites where you can shop favorite clothes at a fraction of the cost.


#3 Reuse or DIY gift basket

If you already have baskets from the previous years, don’t hesitate to reuse them this year. But, if you don’t have any, then look around your home and find something that you can use to make baskets. You could use an old flower holding basket, or decorate a plain gift bag with stickers and stamps. For affordable gift baskets, Amazon offers a wide range of fancy baskets that don’t cost much.


#4 Match your purchases with candy discounts

Start hunting discount offers from our website and try to match them with candy sales. A plethora of gift stores promoting up to 50% off are a perfect way to make the most of your money. It is not always necessary to buy candies, but you can also opt for nutritional gifts from Nature’s Best for a healthy Easter.


#5 Prepare your own candy

One of the cost-effective ways to celebrate Easter is to make homemade candies. You will find a myriad of recipes online to make candy at home that will be much cheaper than buying ready made from the retail shop. But, before you decide your recipe, think about all the ingredients and make sure they are easily available in your area.


#6 Add some snack in the basket

Instead of filling the entire basket with sugary candies, try to add some snack-type items in the basket. Buy a box of crackers, fruit snacks or goldfish and divide it into different gift baskets, which will cost much lesser than buying a single box for everyone. For older children, you may include a pack of chips and chewing gum.


8 Things That You Can Easily Get For Less In March

If you missed February sales, need not to worry. March is still the month to grab super big savings. As March is not known for big shopping events, retailers use the change of season as a way to host a sale and encourage shoppers to shop and save more. Whether you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe, treat your sweet tooth or planning for the holidays, this month brings a lot of savings to us. In addition, you can also score some great bargains while preparing ahead for next winter. Here is the list of things that you can buy for a cheaper price in March.



  • Chocolate

If you didn’t buy costly sweets and flowers on Valentine’s day, now is the time you can treat your sweet tooth with delicious candies. While you may get your eyes on heart-shaped chocolates at discounted prices, this month may also start to show up discounted Easter candies. We might see very fewer Easter deals in March, but we still expect retailers like Walmart & Amazon to come up with a few offers.


  • Luggage

Now that winter season is coming to an end, it is the time to swap out your old luggage. You will discover plenty of sales on travel bags, duffels, kids’ backpacks, suitcases and totes as March falls between winter holidays and summer vacation season gap. You can easily find retailers like Debenhams offering more than 50% discounts on luggage bags.


  • Cruises

March is the month known as “wave season” by the cruise industry. We regularly see a considerable amount of deals this month along with perks like onboard credits and free room upgrade for guests who make annual trip reservations with them. Plan your summer holidays or next winter getaway by booking through Love Holidays or Hoseasons and get up to 40% off on your booking.


  • Winter Clothes

While spring has already sprung, online retailers must be looking for ways to clear out their winter clothing stock to fill their shelves with sunglasses, swimwear, and outerwear. Low prices on jackets, coats, hoodies and other winter accessories from Laura Ashley and other retailers make March the best time to buy these items.


  • Frozen Foods

March is the National Frozen Food Month, so grocers and suppliers promote heavy deals on frozen foods. Stock up your freezer by shopping multi-buys from selected brands for days you don’t feel like cooking. Filling your freezer with nutritious frozen food is the best way to save on your grocery bill in March.


  • Jewelry

Just like chocolates, the prices of jewelry tend to drop after Valentine’s day. As most people buy jewelry before Valentine’s day, the demand and business decrease after that. Now it is too late for merchants to raise the price for Valentine’s and too early for Mother’s day, which is why March is the best time to snap up bargains on jewelry.


  • Gardening Tools

If you love gardening, then this is the right time to buy gardening tools. It’s almost a time to start spring gardening. Many online retailers offer discounts and sales on gardening tools and equipment, such as shovels, rakes, sprinklers, hoses, and pruners in March, so be sure to keep an eye on what you need.


  • Heating & Cooling Systems

The best time to buy heating & cooling systems is when the weather is temperate, which is the months of March and April, and October and November. During this time, the suppliers are slow in the trade, and they often offer low prices in an effort to cover the overheads. Take advantage of this situation and save almost up to 20% on your purchases.


Top 10 Tips And Tricks For Every Shopper To Save Money

If you want to know secrets to save tons of money, then you have landed at the right place. We have some great tips and tricks for you that you can use for your spending advantage. Go ahead and dig into the top secrets to become a smart and savvy shopper.



  • Don’t rush to buy the latest

Many shoppers are eager to get their hands on the latest fashion and electronics. Buying anything as soon as it comes out means you are paying the top prices. Instead, wait some time for the price to stabilize. Many retailers drop down the prices of old stock when they are about to launch new products. It is wise to wait a while rather than paying a fortune.


  • Put items in the wish list

When you put items in the wish list, it notifies the merchant about your interest in those products. Retailers would want to close the deal, so they will find ways to come back to you. They may send you email regarding the price drop or discounts as their email marketing technique. Make sure you create a separate email account so you don’t miss out any promotions.


  • Check ByDiscountCodes for deals and discounts

The best way to save bundles of cash is to turn to It is the quickest way to find great bargains from thousands of retailers like Debenhams, Laura Ashley, Argos and Currys. All you need to do is search for your favorite stores and you will instantly see the list of discount codes and vouchers. We regularly update deals in order to give you the best bargains.


  • Don’t forget to check clearance or sale section

Many retailers promote clearance sale and price reduction offers on their website to attract customers. Most merchants run this sale whole around the year, offering discounts and low prices across various departments. Therefore, we would suggest that you regularly check sale department so you don’t miss out anything.


  • Sign up for registration discounts and reward points

Many online merchants offer discounts when you sign up on their website. Moreover, you may also get to earn reward points on your purchases that may be available exclusively for members. The reason for giving reward points is to encourage their customers to shop again in the future. These reward points can be redeemed on the next purchase and you can get some amount off on your total order.


  • Pick up from store if there is no free delivery

You won’t always be lucky to receive free delivery. If you want to save on delivery costs, then you may take advantage of click and collect service. See if the retailer, where you are placing the order, allows you to pick your items from the nearest store. Sometimes, you can also receive your products the same day if they are already in stock.


  • Use price comparison websites

Using price comparison websites is the best way to find the lowest prices of your desired items. These websites list down prices from different online retailers, so you can compare prices of the same product from different sellers.


  • Browse social media

If you use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, make sure you follow your favorite brands on social media. Companies today are creating deals and offers exclusively for their social media followers. However, be careful because fraudsters may post fake offers to lure their users.


  • Combine your purchases

If you are planning to buy a couple of things, make sure you combine your purchases into one order. Many online retailers offer extra discounts or provide free shipping if your order value exceeds certain amount. The amount may differ, but you are most likely to save some chunks of money.


  • Shop on the right day and right time

Prices vary throughout the week. That means some days that feature cheaper prices are better to buy certain products. For instance, Tuesday afternoon is the best time to buy clothing and travel tickets since that is when many retailers offer massive discounts. Also, shopping at the night time is preferred as everybody is asleep and there won’t be much traffic to affect the dynamic pricing.

Best 2019 January Sales At Debenhams, Argos, Currys and More

While we all are into the New Year now, it is still a great time to snap up some bargains as many retailers and brands offer massive clearance sale and white sales during this time. Many people make resolutions about their choices, habits, and health, but if you are someone who chooses to focus on financial health, then January has got some great discounts running.


Despite the challenging times faced by the high-street retailers, many brands have been still cutting down the costs of thousands of products in the start of new year clearances. If you are thinking only about White Sales, then be prepared for an even bigger surprise. Not only on bedding and furniture, but you can score huge bargains on a vast range of products. Below is the list of some of the top online retailers with half price reductions and more.


Discounts That You Can Grab Right Now



As you can see, we can help you get some really good rebates on clothing, gifts, furniture, electrical, bags, wallets, shoes, courier services, pet supplies, tech gadgets, home appliances, outdoor wear, insurance and much more. And, with all these stores, if you have an eye on a particular store, then monitor it from time to time. Things go on sale all the time without any reason. So, grab our free discount vouchers, promotional codes and deals to welcome this new year with tons of savings.

Smart ways to save money on Halloween with ByDiscountCodes

Halloween is around the corner and we understand that you cannot contain your excitement any longer. It is a holiday which is not only special for adults but also children as they can dress up however they like and get treated with delicious treats without any restriction. But this is also the time when your budget can go haywire and may burn a hole in your pocket. So let’s explore the smart ways to budget on Halloween with ByDiscountCodes and make the most of the holiday:


Do it yourself costumes: Halloween costumes are bound to be fun, horrifying and adventurous. But it need not be expensive. How can it not be expensive? Simple, stop opting for branded costumes and be a little creative. Everyone has old clothes and one can experiment with them, pain them and tear from the right places to make them horrifying. If you want to be more creative then order embellishment online at a discounted rate and stand out of the crowd wearing your DIY costume.


Give generously to the children: Trick or Treat is the most important aspect of Halloween and children expect a lot of candies. But it can be a costly affair if you are getting customized packing for every child or getting expensively branded candies. The best way to budget is homemade candies or chocolates but if you don’t have that much time then trade chocolates with bulk candies. Rather than treating kids with chocolates and give them candies in bulk. This will bring a smile on their face and even you can treat as many as a hundred kids without worrying about the budget.


Organize a house party: These days adults opt for special events on Halloween but needless to say they are expensive. Instead of the special event have your own small party with a bunch of cool relatives and friends. At the house party, you can organize fun games activities for adults and also give a return gift.


Potluck dinner theme: If a house party is too much of a job then how about a potluck dinner? You can invite your close friends with their kids and tell them to bring along a terrifying but delicious dish. In this way, with minimum effort, you can enjoy Halloween in a cozy environment with your near and dear ones without any hustle or formalities. You can also organize special games for kids so that they can have a fun time and make it a contest with exciting gift hampers for those who win.


Shop decorations online: Decorations are important when it comes to Halloween and rather than buying everything new, how about shop online? There are many websites online that provide decorations on rent or for $1. This will help you buy in bulk and make your place suitable for the occasion.


These are some of the smart hacks that will make you become a pro-Halloween organizer and won’t cost you a fortune. So shop now and make Halloween memorable.

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