Top 11 Expert Beauty Tips to Keep in Mind While Travelling

September 23, 2019 By Admin

Whether you are traveling to attend your friend’s wedding, going on a weekend getaway or visiting your family and relatives, there is no doubt that traveling is stressful and can take a toll on your appearance. Trying to look fresh and good is pretty difficult while traveling, be it you are going by car, bus, train or plane. But, the good news is it isn’t as difficult as it seems. Beauty experts say if you follow some travel beauty tips, you can truly enjoy your next holidays, family reunion or meeting with a happy face. From clever and subtle tips to multi-purpose cosmetics, these beauty suggestions will ensure you don’t waste even a single moment of your vacation worrying about your looks.

1 Opt for Carry-on Friendly

If you are worried about how your skin gets while traveling, make sure you pack Tarte Frxxxtion Stick exfoliating cleanser because it works as an exfoliator, cleanser, and mask. Moreover, it is solid, so you don’t need to worry about spilling it and you can easily carry in your handbag.

2 Moisturise

The night before you fly, apply intense moisturizer, which will help in keeping your skin hydrated even when you are exposed to a dehydrated environment of cabin pressure. Since humidity is less on airplanes, put on a moisturiser that contains hyaluronic acid, which acts as a sponge to hold water in your skin and keep it hydrated.

3 Skip the Foundation

On the day of your travel, skip the foundation and put the only moisturizer. Before you reach your destination, put a tinge of moisturizer for a healthy and fresh look. If you are not able to leave home without putting foundation, apply a layer of primer first, which acts as a layer between your skin and makeup. It will also hold your foundation for a long time and prevents your skin from dehydrating.

4 Wear some Shimmer

If traveling leaves you exhausted, stimulate your sallow complexion by putting soft shimmer cream or powder. Rub it lightly on the cheeks, on the nose bridge and lip for an instant perk up. You can also put a combination of lip balm and cream blush to get color and moisture to your skin.

5 Chill Out Weary Eyes

After a long trip, chances are you have developed puffy eyes. The best way to naturally awake your eyes and make them look fresher is to put crushed ice in the cloth and apply it under your eyes. You will immediately feel rejuvenated.

6 Skip Lasting Lipstick

Giving color to your lips is good, but if you choose the lipstick that lasts longer will have an adverse effect on your mouth. It will parch and dehydrate your mouth. So, the wise idea is to color your lips with a few layers of a lip stain and then put a clear gloss for a chic look. You can re-apply gloss at different intervals for a just-made-up look.

7 Avoid Touching Your Face

To save yourself from being affected by unknown germs, keep your hands off your face and skin. Your hands may have picked up so many bacteria, which can result in sickness and a number of skin diseases. Whether you are taking your meals or applying makeup, it is recommended that you wash your hands with antibacterial soap to keep germs at bay.

8 Avoid Bright Nail Polish

Avoid putting bright colored nail polish while traveling because it chips too easily and makes you look untidy. We recommend that you put a natural sheen for a neat and clean look or considering applying a neutral color that doesn’t call attention when it chips off.

9 Keep Hand Cream Handy

Never start your trip without carrying your favorite hand creams in your tote bag. Use it generously throughout your trip and your hands will thank you. It will not only keep your hands hydrated, but it will also protect your hands from harsh soaps found in public washrooms.

10 Don’t Neglect Your Teeth

If you are flying long haul, never ignore to take care of your teeth and gums. Carry your toothbrush and paste or electronic toothbrush in your bag, and make sure you brush your teeth on the go. As long as your breath will smell good, you will feel fresh all flight long.

11 Leave Your Lashes Naked

Leave your eyelashes as it is while you travel. If you wear mascara during your flight and take a nap, chances are, you may find the migratory trail of mascara going down to your cheeks. Also, avoid applying cream eye shadows, which is likely to move around your cheeks as you sleep.

Packing right is as important as the products you carry. Use multi-purpose containers to store all your beauty essentials. For instance, you can use your contact lens case to slash smaller volumes of sunscreen and moisturizers.

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