Top 6 Tips and Tricks to Save Money on Flight Tickets

June 24, 2019 By Evan

Airplane fares are extremely dynamic and illusive. They could easily rip off somebody who is not known to airline rules and policies. It is not only expensive to book a seat, but the airlines will also try to pull out extra money from your pockets for anything such as selecting a window seat or a seat near the exit. Whether you plan to travel from a budget airline or choose the least amenities, you are sure to spend more than you intended.

However, the serious reality of plane ticket fares is every passenger traveling from the same airplane has paid different prices. Somebody paid $70 for the flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, while you paid $150 for the same tickets. So, how do you become a person who paid less than half for the same flight? We have gathered some working tips and tricks that could help you save tons of money on your next flight tickets.

1 Book Tickets At Least 45 Days in Advance

According to research, the best time to buy plane tickets is 45 to 90 days before the travel date. Airfares fluctuate a lot in the final 20 days before the departure. Once you fix your travel date and destination, book the tickets as soon as possible in order to grab the lowest rate. Another perk of booking early is you get to choose the seats you want. If you wait too long to book your tickets, not only you will have to pay more money, but you will also need to pay extra bucks to secure your desired seat.


2 Choose Connecting Flights

Being flexible with flights is another way to book cheap tickets. If you are not in a hurry, then opt for booking a connecting flight as it can be a lot cheaper than direct flights. There are so many budget carriers out there and taking advantage of them is one of the best ways to save money on flights. But, make sure you keep at least 3 hours between two flights so that in case anything goes wrong, you have enough time to resolve it. Your next flight won’t wait and won’t care if you are running late.


3 Use a Compare Price Service

While booking flight tickets, it is suggested that you use third-party portals that not only offer excellent travel deals but also allow you to compare prices through different airlines. There are portals like Expedia and Google Flights that fetch prices from multiple airlines and carriers so you can find the lowest possible prices for your route.


4 Search Tickets for a Single Person

If you are traveling as a group, don’t search for multiple tickets in a single search. Airlines display the highest fare in the group of tickets. For instance, if you are friends of three and looking for three seats, the airline will search three seats together and show you the highest price of all. If seat A is £50, B is £65 and C is £70, then the airline will show £70 for each seat rather than adding up an individual seat. Therefore, always find tickets for a single person and then choose your seats during the checkout process.


5 Sign Up for Newsletter and Special Alerts

The best way to stay updated with all the special offers and deals is to sign up for the newsletter from different travel and airline portals. Many times cheap flight fares are available for only a couple of hours and if you don’t grab them straight away, you may miss out many cheap offers. Signing up to the newsletter will help you receive all the exclusive offers or last-minute deals that are going on right in your inbox.


6 Be Flexible With Dates

If you don’t need to reach a destination on an absolute date, then search flights with flexible dates as airfares vary greatly based on the day of the week and holidays. You can also consider flying to an alternate airport, which may help you save a chunk of money. Some airline portals show weekly calendars, sharing the price fares on each day, so you can pick the cheapest flight.



Finding a cheap flight is all about being attentive and smart in where, when and how you want to travel. Booking early and being flexible with the dates are the two best hacks for finding cheaper flights.

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