What are The 9 Best Things to Buy in October?

October 4, 2019 By Admin

Now that October is already here, it is time to embrace the beautiful atmosphere of fall, which means cozy jackets, warm caps, fancy Halloween costumes, and of course great deals. Although many people face difficulty finding deals and sales in October, thanks to Halloween, Columbus Day and Indigenous People’s day that make this month full of exciting offers. Keep on reading to learn about the 9 best things that you can buy at reduced prices in October.

1 Patio and Outdoor Furniture

October is the best month to find great discounts on patio furniture. Since September has ended, the retailers are winding up for the outdoor season and starting to focus on the indoor season. They want to make room for winter essentials and holiday decorations and move the outdoor products out of their doors. Keep an eye on barbecue grills, patio chairs, tables, umbrellas and so on, and you can save quite a bit of everything.

2 New Cars

The new car models for next year are expected to arrive at this time. So, car sales don’t get any better than what you can find in October as all the dealers are willing to get rid of last year’s inventory before the new models arrive. You can find massive bargains on old models all month long, but Colombus day especially features fantastic prices and discounts. The end of the month is an even better time to buy as salesmen are hurrying to meet their sales quota.

3 Halloween Costumes

We know the right time to buy Halloween dresses is after Halloween, but if you are looking for a discounted Halloween dress for this month, wait until a couple of days before the Halloween day arrives. Some retailers are eager to clear their stock until 31st. So, it is nice to know that you can still find killer deals on Halloween costumes leading up the holiday.

4 Air Conditioners

While customers are finally turning off air conditioners and moving to sweaters and fireplaces, retailers know that ACs will be no more a priority until next April or May. The demands of AC systems will reduce and the merchants will do anything to get the most out of their stock. They will sell air conditioners in hard to beat prices, so they can prepare to stock up for the next season.

5 Plants and Trees

Speaking of the Winter season, trees and plant lovers should head over to the local garden shop this month. Not all plants and shrubs can survive in the cold weather, so nurseries are driving out their stock. Spring flowering bulbs, such as tulips and daffodils are a clever purchase to make in October when the discounts are high and the weather is mediocre. You can plant bulbs now and see them bloom in the next season.

6 Denim

October falls between the back-to-school season and the holiday season. This is the time when savings get bigger on whatever is left on the shelves. Denim jeans are usually the items of the back-to-school collection, and since the season is over, retailers are looking to clear out their leftover stock to make space for winter wear. You may not find a variety of styles and sizes, but if you are just looking for a pair of jeans, now is the time to shop.

7 Wines

October is the harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere for wineries. Therefore, the older stock resting on the shelves must rotate. The wine retailers will release out sales and deals, allowing you to make even more savings when you buy several together.

8 Holiday Trip

Rates of holiday packages and cruises usually tend to fall during October. If you haven’t bought your holiday package yet, now is the time to book your holiday. October is known as shoulder season – a period between season and off-season prices. Many destinations aren’t very crowded, and you will easily find cheap bargains on your vacation.

9 Seasonal Produce

Shopping seasonal produce isn’t just good for your health, but for your budget too. October is the month when the fall bounty starts coming in. Planning meals around seasonal produce are the best way to save on foods. Look for delicious fruits and vegetables like apples, broccoli, beets, cranberries, cabbage, grapes, lettuce, pears, oranges, kale, sweet potatoes, spinach and mushrooms which can be easily available at low prices.


Since Black Friday is just around the corner, don’t rush to buy everything in October. Black Friday will come up with plenty of new offers and deals, and you will find the best prices on them. Wait for items like TVs, big appliances, laptops, mobile phones, winter clothing, and electronics, since the prices of these items are likely to be higher in October and lower in November.

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