6 Tips For a Bridesmaid On a Budget

April 9, 2018 By Admin

Being a bridesmaid or maid of honour is an absolute honour for the best friend who has stayed with the bride in her thick and thins. But let’s be real it is also taxing and makes one cringe as major responsibilities of a bridesmaid includes arranging a bachelor party, gift list and of course the bridesmaid dress which can be really expensive. So how can a bridesmaid play her role perfectly even though she is on a budget? Here are the 6 tips for a bridesmaid that will make her worry less, let her enjoy the wedding and also be the perfect bridesmaid a bride could ever imagine:

6 Tips for a bridesmaid on a budget

  • Make the bookings in advance: If you are responsible to plan a bachelor party and the bride wants to go out of the city then it’s time to make bookings in advance. When the trip is a well-planned hotel room and flight can be booked at cheaper rates. So work smart and spend less.
  • Involve other bridesmaid as well: Why should just one bridesmaid manage everything? Make it a group task, talk to other friends of the brides and settle for options that are suitable for every pocket. Involving other bridesmaid will give them important and also you won’t feel the pressure on your pocket much.
  • Set a budget after discussion: Not all the bridesmaid may feel to spend a hefty amount on the dress or gift or party but may feel shy saying it. Break the ice by initiating the topic and set the budget. Also, do not pressure them to wear the dress of the same There are many online portals like coach from where beautiful dresses and accessories can be taken at economical prices and budget will also not hit rock bottom.
  • Look out for vouchers for leading brands: Shop smart online with the help of vouchers and still stay inside the lines of your budget. There are many leading brands that offer promo codes or vouchers and will give an ultimate shopping experience. Sosandar is one such online portal where bridesmaid can get stunning dresses that will make them stand out from the crowd.
  • Opt for bulk buying: This is another smart hack, rather than buying from retail shops, it is always better to buy from wholesalers and that too in bulk. They give better deals on the same products available on retail and the price is sloshed down because of bulk buying.
  • Cut the alteration cost: If the dress needs fitting or you want to get some alterations done then get it done from local seamstress rather than getting it done from the showroom as it will be costly and add to the cost of the dress.

To conclude, being a bridesmaid in the budget is not bad rather it is a smart decision as in this way you will not only solve your problem but many other bridesmaids’s who are just speaking it out. Also when there is a wedding every year it is practical to budget and look for smart options rather than saying No to the bride.

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