Cookies Policy

What is a ‘Cookie’?

A cookie is a small amount of information in the form of the text file that a website stores on the user’s hard drive. All major websites use cookies to remember their visitors. Cookies help a website to recognize the user preference by getting their some details such as name and interests. The website shows cookies because it saves time and show relevant items to their visitor on later visits.

Where We Use Cookies

We use cookies on Cookies do not show or share any personal information to us. They just help us to remember your device so you do not have to provide the same details every time you visit.

Registration and Login

We track your Sign-up process by using cookies to save your information for future use. By doing that, we can authenticate you as a registered user and can also give you the access to certain inaccessible areas of our website. A  detailed information of GA cookies can be found here.


By using cookies, we recognize our repeater visitors and hold their specific browsing information. This will help us identify trends of the visitors and we can show them the content in which they are interested based on their previous visits.


We use cookies to gather the information about how our visitors use our website such as, the list of the referral websites, where our visitors come from and which pages they use most often. The main purpose to do this is only to improve the user experience and fix the problems with the website. To track statistics of the number of hits on the site, uses Google Analytics tool. Our intention is not to use this private information, but only to enhance your experience of using our website and find out where we can improve our service.

More About Cookies

If you want to know more about cookie like how you can delete or control the cookie on your computer, you can find it at


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