Bedding Decisions: Trivial or Significant?

October 15, 2017 By Admin

It is said that bad bedding or mattress can ruin your health and affect sleep pattern. Once a deep sleeper can become a light sleeper with snoring problems and good bedding will take away your insomnia and wake you up active. So needless to say choosing bedding is a significant decision that should be taken after proper scrutiny and experimentation. But the question arises what makes the mattress good or bad? Here are some factors that will help you decide what kind of bedding should be bought for sound sleep:


  • Every mattress has an expiry date: Everything has an expiry date and so do beddings. It is advisable to change the mattress if it has crossed the 8-year threshold and springs are coming out. Though the threshold may vary from mattress to mattress as there are many types of bedding that can serve a long time depending on their firmness and texture.
  • Type of mattress: What is your type? Do you like a soft mattress or hard ones? There are many types of mattress available at Hyde and Sleep varying from coil mattresses with springs, latex, memory foam and hybrid mattress that are a combination of all the above. It is essential to choose the mattress according to your body type and in case you have pain.
  • The Budget: Budget is an important factor that needs to be considered while buying a mattress as it is a long term investment of 10 yrs minimum. If you buy a mattress which is in trend but out of your budget and does not comes out to be comfortable. It will be a total waste of money. So it’s better to set a budget and find a mattress that is comfortable even if not trendy as sleep cannot be compensated with anything hip and fashionable.
  • Weight and Body Type: Your weight plays a significant role while choosing a mattress. As our beddings support our body and affect the quality of sleep. If you are on the heavier side or morbidly obese, it is recommended to go for a mattress with more layers and cooling properties like a coil on coil mattresses. On the contrary, if you are light then mattress with firmness level 1 will also be comfortable and induce sound sleep.
  • Sleeping pattern: Lastly, how do you sleep matters the most? Whether you sleep sideways, straight, hugging or sinking in the mattress also will affect your choice of mattress. If you sleep on sideways then possibly you will prefer a soft mattress with less firmness as you will rotate a lot while sleeping. Similarly, if you sleep on back or stomach firmness level should be more to support the neck and back.

To conclude, the mattress should be purchased taking in consideration these points as after a long day one needs to rest and have a good sleep. The quality of sleep is directly proportional to the quality of next day and it affects the mood as well. So if you don’t want to wake up all tired and groggy investment in a good mattress.

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