How to build a vegetable garden?

December 4, 2017 By Admin

Do you have a vacant plot or space weeding away? Or a lawn that needs to be maintained? How about start your vegetable garden and enjoy some organic dishes? Intriguing idea most of the people say but do not have the necessary expertise or technical know-how to start a vegetable garden. So we bring to you beginners guide on how to cultivate a vegetable garden at your home without investing a fortune:

vegetable garden

  • Identifying the space and cleaning it: Size of the plot or lawn matters a lot when it comes to the vegetable Unlike flowers or plants, vegetables need proper space to grow. So find a place that is clean and preferably with a lot of sunlight which is essential for plant growth.
  • Soiling the place: It is important to lay the groundwork by ensuring that space is properly soiled and evened out. It will help to increase the fertility of the soils and plants will absorb nutrients easily from the soil thereby enhancing the quality of the soil. Adding manure like cow dung will also help to increase the nutrient level of the soil.
  • Choosing the vegetables: When the groundwork is done next thing is to make list of vegetables to be grown on the soil. Factors that need to be considered before purchasing the seeds is season i.e. whether the vegetable to be grown is in season or not, the time it will take to harvest and the yield it generates. This will give you a rough estimate how much investment is required to start a vegetable garden and what will be the output. Though it is always advisable to go for crop rotation rather than planting the same vegetable every season.
  • Purchasing premium quality seeds: After making a list of vegetables to be sown next step is to buy premium quality seeds available at Gardening Direct. If the seed is of good quality the vegetable will also be of good quality full of nutrients. One smart tip, in this case, is to opt for packed seeds rather than individual seeds though it will be expensive but will serve the purpose and germinate into a vegetable.
  • Planting with proper spacing: When you are sowing seeds make sure to leave adequate space between every seed so that it can grow and have its own space to flourish. Seldom when seeds are sown closely; it leads to germination of fewer seeds and diminishes the quality as well. Also, there are some seeds that need more sunlight while other need more water. Sow those seeds together that need more sunlight separate from those which need more water.

These are some of the basic factors that help in starting a vegetable garden and it has many benefits apart from eating organic. Vegetable cultivation is a perfect physical exercise that keeps the stress away and controls blood pressure also helps to make the house look aesthetically beautiful. So don’t wait and start growing your vegetable garden.

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