How to have a casual yet perfect airport look?

October 24, 2017 By Admin

The Long flights and jet lag can make anyone irritating and a tad fussy but these days everyone wants that perfect airport look and an airport selfie to flaunt on social media.  Gone are the days when while traveling for a business meeting wearing a corporate suit and if coming back from vacation met looking or tanned in tanks or casual wear. Now everything has to be stylish and everyone wants to look drop-dead gorgeous and fresh even after a day on the plane. But then why the only woman should look drop dead gorgeous and why men get to look same old? Here we bring a wide range of style hacks for men to rock that casual yet perfect airport look:

perfect airport look

  • Heat up with Sweat Pants: Sweatpants are something you wear at home but how about you get a comfortable yet stylish pair of Sweatpants and wear it with a T-shirt and a jacket? It will not just rock your casual look but will also make your travel comfortably for long hours.
  • T-shirt and Jeans: Give an active airport look with a ripped pair of jeans combined with a T-shirt or shirt. Wear a cap and shades along with it give a sporty and nonchalant look. One it will hide your tired eyes and will also make you look active and edgy ready take on the world.
  • Travel Blazer: Travel blazer from Spreadshirt will redefine your travel looks and you can bring back those corporate business looks which have been ditching the airport for a while now. The blazer is made from a non-crease material that will not make your blazer look jet-lagged and will be ready to straight for a business meeting. The soft fabric, perfect seams, and non-itchy blazer will make you look stylish yet professional. It goes with trousers or pair of chinos whichever you opt to wear and will make people turn their heads to see you again.
  • Mix Khaki pants with Polo Shirts: Rock your vacation look with a simple polo shirts or T-shirt with a Khaki Pants. Firstly, khaki pants are comfortable and secondly, they are spacious to keep stuff in pockets. Wear bright color shirts like pink or turquoise with khaki pants with a hat and leather bag to nail your casual look. Along with it, you can carry a pullover or jacket if you feel cold.
  • Accessories with Hats, muffler or sneaker: Every look is incomplete without accessories complementing them. If you are not a big fan of bracelet or chain then accessories with hats, caps, mufflers, and pair up with a comfortable pair of sneakers to add style and oomph factor.

To conclude, why should a woman look fresh and stunning on the airport? With these smart tips, even men can look fresh and handsome on the airport. It will not only help you be comfortable on the flight but will also keep the baggage limited.

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