How to choose Garden sheds that can endure the tests of time?

December 6, 2017 By Admin

Garden sheds are not just storehouse of garage tools but also aesthetic value to the garden. But while shopping for garden sheds one should keep in mind that the shed can endure extreme temperature in winter and summer as it is fixed in the garden. So what are the factors one should keep in mind while getting a garden shed? Well, if you are a novice in shed shopping then it is always suggested to shop from a reputed place like shedsworld that offer a variety of sheds in wood, metal, plastic, etc that are beautiful and in your budget.

Garden sheds

Let’s explore some pointers that will help you choose Garden sheds that are long-lasting:

  • Garden Space and Base: One of the important factors to consider before installing a garden shed is the space of the garden. A shed needs around 3ft of the space as it spacious enough to park a bike or keep garage tools, gardening tools, etc. Along with space one also has to make sure that the base or floor of the garden is even as it makes a strong foundation for the shed.
  • Wooden vs. Metal: This debate has been going on for Most people prefer metal sheds as they are easily assembled, available in different colors and can tolerate harsh weather conditions. Though some favor wooden sheds as they are made of solid wood which doesn’t need much maintenance and enhances the aesthetics of the garden. It can also be repainted into different colors but if you are looking for a shed which is less in price then opt for a metal shed.
  • Framework and Cladding of the Shed: These days most of the sheds are pre-assembled and lack the minute details because there is no framework of the shed. Traditionally, sheds used to have a proper framework and cladding used to be overlapping. This was to increase the strength and durability of the shed. So it is always advisable to opt for a traditional shed that can be built rather than a preassembled shed.
  • The Roof: Roof of the shed matters a lot as it can extend the storage. There are basically three types of roofs namely flat, apex and pent. Flat roofs do not serve any purpose and hence are not recommended whereas pent roofs help to drain the rainwater and apex roofs give more space. So depending on the purpose of garden shed you can choose the type of wood.
  • Locking System: make sure that the hinges are large in size and nuts of the door are inside. This will help to increase the security as nobody can break or barge in the shed by tempering with the nuts.

To conclude, these are some common things that one should observe while going for shed shopping and opt for a shed that is not just aesthetically appealing but spacious with good locking system and in your budget.

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