How to find a perfect diamond for your solitaire?

January 30, 2018 By Admin

The wedding is the time when not just two people come together to form the unbreakable bond but it is the time two families also come together to start new relationships. Needless to say, shopping and gifting are part of the big royal wedding of every culture and country. So how to ensure that amidst the wedding preparation the bride feels special and gets the ring she deserves and that marks the special bond both share? Wedding rings are important as it seals the bond and makes two people each other forever. It is a symbol of love, the promise of respect and an oath to value and cherish each till the end of life. So how about finding a perfect diamond that makes her heart melt?

Finding a perfect diamond with minimum cuts and precision, the perfect colour according to the occasion is a task that needs to be taken seriously. So if you are amongst those who haven’t been to shopping before and starting with ring shopping then these pointers will help you look for the best:

perfect diamond for your solitaire

Occasion or Event matters:

While going for diamond jewellery shopping, it is important to have a clear agenda in mind. Are you going to shop an engagement ring or wedding band? Are you looking for a neckpiece or diamond bracelet, these are the questions that you should answer yourself and then set foot out to shop.

Set a shopping budget:

To find a perfect diamond you need to set a budget and in that budget, you need to check what options are available. The budget will determine the size of rock you can get for the bride and the colour of the diamond.

Verify 4 C’s:

While going for diamond shopping 4C’s i.e. cut, colour, carat and clarity of a diamond cannot be ignored. Minimum the number of cuts more will be the clarity of the diamond and the cost will also be high. So calculate how many carat jewellery you need and whether you have that amount of budget set or not. Do not go for impulse buying and exhaust your budget which normally happens as diamonds are irresistible.

The shape of the diamond:

Shape of the diamond matters a lot and can differentiate a mother’s rings from a bride’s ring. Whether the bride will like peer shape diamond, round shape, three stone pendants, heart shape, etc. is an important decision the groom should make before purchasing as the ring will be flaunted by the bride for years.

These are some of the factors that need to be considered while going for shopping. But the budget is one factor that needs to be considered as while going for wedding jewellery shopping only brides is not the one to shop for. One needs to get some beautiful gifts or small jewellery as a token of respect for parents as well. So don’t get overboard while shopping just for the bride.

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