Merging Contemporary with Modern architecture

November 6, 2017 By Admin

Often people are confused what should be the theme of their dream house? Whether they should go for hip and trendy modern architect or old id gold contemporary style? How much should be spent on furniture? Whether it should be pre-assembled or not?  It seems like a decision which is not easy and clients seek a middle way that includes best of both. So how about giving a classy look to your place that has some traditional yet timeless look with a tinch of modern accessories making it a royalty? Here we bring you some ideas of furniture that will make your place look modern yet classy:

Merging Contemporary with Modern architecture

  • Bedroom Furniture: A bedroom is a place where one wants to rest and just be self after a tiring day at work. Reading a book cuddling in the bed or watching TV with your partner is an ideal way to spend time. So how about adding a night stand or book stand to add aesthetics and make it accommodating? Wooden back of the bed with white accessories will also add to the grandeur of the room and make it look spacious.
  • Dining: the Dining room is the most important room in the house and needs to be properly furnished. Having Oak furniture that is strong, sturdy and in style will give an appeal to the room. Get a chandelier or candle stand to add aesthetics to place but make sure the room is spacious and is not full of accessories like vase or antiques.
  • Glam up with Oak: Why is oak still in demand after centuries? Simple answer, it is sturdy yet flexible wood and can be carved into anything from a miniature to beddings and furniture. Glam your house with pastel colored oak and give a theme to the room. Check out beautiful oak furniture’s at available on discount and as it is pre-assembled all you need to do is put it wherever you want. One of the best thing about oak furniture is that blends with everything and gives a timeless value to the place. Hence, it is still the best choice of architects and interior designers for the patio, guest rooms or dining room even though it is slightly expensive.
  • Shades of Grey and White: Play with the shades of white and gray to give a contemporary look to the place. These are the colors that make the place look big and look amazing when used in combination with pastel or matt paints. Ivory is also a color that can be used freely and will give a royal look to the place.

Building a house is not an easy job and there are many factors to be considered. Having furniture that not just adds to the beauty but also is low on maintenance and is solid is an ideal investment even if on the higher side. Hence opt for furniture that adds to the value of the house and makes it a timeless beauty.

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