How to have your own paradise without spending a fortune?

December 9, 2017 By Admin

Gardening is considered one of the best stress-busting activities that not only controls negative thinking but also makes one feels like a creator. Being in the moment and sowing the seeds that will become the flowers of tomorrow makes one feel like contributing towards nature. But how often you had an idea but shunned away thinking it might cost a lot? How often you made it a New Year resolution to start gardening or maintaining your own garden but quit? We bring you smart hacks that will make your dream come true and that too in the budget. You ask how? Because you will do it yourself and create your own little paradise right at your place.

paradise without spending a fortune

  • Making space: We all have some small place in the backyard or in front that is often left unused and weeds grow all over it. How about use that space for your own garden and give it a shape? If you have a full lawn then cut a proportion of that loan to make some space for sowing fruits or vegetables or flowers.
  • Cleaning the clutter: Now when you have spotted the place and made a shape of your garden then it’s time to clean the mess whether it’s weeds or feces of your pet or any other waste material that is keeping it dirty. After that makes the floor even and manure it so that it becomes fertilized.
  • Sowing Seeds: Make a list of flowers, plants or vegetables you intend to grow in your garden and get the seeds from Marshalls Seeds. If you don’t want to start from the beginning then you can get pre-planted plants or shrubs that can be planted in your garden. Make sure to add a different variety of flowers and plants including roses, sunflowers, lilies, money plant, bulbs, etc. and a bird feeder to enhance the aesthetics and attract birds.
  • Nurturing and Garnishing: Now when the plantation is done; it’s time to nurture your garden and maintain it. Often this is the step people miss or get laze. Water your garden regularly, cut the extra plants or weeds that are growing with the main plant, give shape to the plants and it will make your garden look modern and lively. If you have lot of space then you can arrange for garden furniture and have your evening tea in your garden
  • Illuminate your garden: Add some light to your garden and make it look beautiful after sunset. Some dim lights like fairy lights will make your patio or lawn perfect for outdoor party and along with you can add a centerpiece to give an artistic feel.

To conclude, having your own garden is not that expensive if you take it on yourself. It will not only give a new theme to your house and add to the aesthetics but can also become your favorite pass time after a stressful day at work or after retirement. So don’t worry about investment and start with these small steps to create your own paradise.

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