WordPress for Voucher Websites: An Affordable Way to Gain an Audience

April 14, 2018 By Admin

With more than 20 million online websites built and powered by it, WordPress is definitely the most widely used content management system (CMS). But is this enough for you to consider it as a CMS to build and launch your voucher website on?

There is a lot of ground to cover. So, let’s see what WordPress has to offer to you and how it can help you establish and expand your online presence, increase the traffic to your voucher website and gain a loyal audience.

WordPress for Voucher Websites

It’s Easier to Optimize

While the deep website customizations do require extensive knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS, all the other things that may interest you as a future voucher website owner are fairly easy to do. This means that you don’t need to know how to code to optimize your website.

The very back end of WordPress is easy to use because it is made to resemble the standard settings panels you meet in Windows and Mac OS environments.

Add a few optimization plugins on top that, and your voucher website will load fast and be able to perform well even during times when people want to make the most of Black Friday discounts.

Google Loves WordPress

There is a phrase “Google Loves WordPress” and you probably want to know the reasons behind it. Basically, Google loves very specific things, and it seems that WordPress has all of them. First, there is the matter of content. WordPress was made for content marketing.

Along with your voucher offers, you can upload valuable guides and reviews on the blog section of your WordPress voucher website. By providing this additional value, you will improve user experience, and Google loves great user experience.

WordPress is also SEO-friendly by default. Its architecture was built to support the latest and best SEO practices, thus allowing you to outrank your competition right from the start. And lastly, WordPress is mobile ready, and Google adores responsive websites.

It’s Cost Effective

When you are in a position to make, launch and maintain a website, you always have to consider the costs, especially in the long run. WordPress is a convenient option because, after the initial costs, which are significantly lower than having a custom website developed from scratch, you won’t have to invest heavily in maintenance.

Via its easy-to-use dashboard, you will be able to install and update your plugins, add new vouchers, delete obsolete ones, create landing pages, and more. In fact, you will have to pay the experts only if you want to make highly customized adjustments, the ones that require coding and more detailed knowledge of the WordPress engine.

Great Support

Remember when we mentioned how WordPress is currently powering dozens of millions of websites? This means that there is a huge community behind it. How is this helpful? Let’s say you want to get a voucher website up and running and your experience in making websites is next to none.

Thanks to this community, you will be able to comb through hundreds of thousands of textual and video guides and become a sort of WordPress expert if you want. The support is so great, that you will be able to find guides for absolute beginners as well as the ones for advanced WordPress and plugin setups. If you go WordPress, the community will definitely have your back.

Themes Work Great for Voucher Sites

There are literally thousands of WordPress themes that you can choose from. All of the updated and new themes are designed with the latest and best web design and user experience practices in mind.

For a voucher website, you need something that is highly customizable, great-looking, highly functional and mobile-ready. This literally describes the majority of popular premium WordPress themes. WordPress themes are designed down to every little detail. For instance, after getting a company logo design you can easily upload it to the website with just a few clicks.

You can add contact forms so that your visitors can subscribe to news, and be informed about the latest vouchers. Also, you can easily group vouchers into categories, and add the searchability function so that users can easily find what they are looking for.

Plugins are Very Convenient

In the end, we come to WordPress plugins. The chances are that if you think about some functionality, you will probably find a plugin for it. You will be able to find anything, ranging from more technical ones, such as SEO and website plugins, to the more voucher-specific ones, such as coupon creation and coupon promotion via social media.

WordPress is the optimal CMS for voucher websites. You will be able to get your website up and running in no time, even without extensive technical knowledge. Themes and out-of-the-box plugins are there to help you custom-tailor your visitors’ experience and gain a loyal audience in an affordable fashion.

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